Composite Roofing for Playhouse in Trabuco Canyon

    No house is too small for Pacific Crest Roofing!

    The owner of this playhouse in Trabuco canyon purchased it as a separate outdoor addition for their kids. Unfortunately, the playhouse was built with an older, poor quality composite roof and it needed to be changed quickly. There were significant issues including leaks and structural damage, and thermal efficiency went down in the summer. The owner mentioned to us that he had to pay significantly more in power costs on a yearly basis for the last five years, and that's when he realized a new roof was needed.

    Roof Repairs at Nellie Gail Ranch Equine Facility

    Updating and repairing the roof at the Equine Facilities at Nellie Gail Ranch was somewhat of a challenge, but our crew was able to get outstanding results! The horses at NGR are beloved by their owners and required a little tender loving care by our crew. We were more than happy to work with the staff, equine owners and horses at the facility to give the special attention they needed in order to complete the job in an efficient and professional manner.

    Composite Roofing Project in Fullerton

    The owner of this home noticed a significant increase in his power costs every summer for the last 5 years. Upon inspection, Pacific Crest Roofing found that his old composite roof required significant updates in order to keep his home cool.