HOA Compatible Roofing

hoaYour home may need to adhere to guidelines imposed by your HOA. In many cases, the guidelines imposed by your HOA may encompass roof aesthetics and even the spectrum of material required for use. Unlike many roofers, Pacific Crest Roofing will always be able to comply with your HOA guidelines and requirements for roofing, and will always ensure quality installation or repairs. Pacific Crest Roofing offers a wide line of clay tile roofing types:
  • Slate: Traditionally a natural cut rock, slate tiles can accent your home unlike many other tiles and make it stand out.
  • Clay Tile: While there are many clay tile types to choose from, luxury clay tile is practically perfect. Withstand harsh sunlight in Palm Springs or salty humidity along the coast with little worry of breakdown.
  • Composite Tile: Composite tile is becoming more and more popular in Southern California. Along with extreme temperature protection, composite tiles perform excellently against the threat of fires.
  • Wood Shingles: Wood shingles accent a home in a more traditional way, however often times can be installed incorrectly. Pacific Crest Roofing can install luxury wood shingles that will protect against temperature and humidity for an extended period of time.
Pacific Crest Roofing has a wide variety of tile in shapes and colors in addition to a combined 2 decades plus installing roofing. We make sure that the quality of the roof is on par with the quality of the installation. View our materials page for more information, or contact us today for more information on tile roofing for your home.