Clay Tile Roofing

clayroofingUsed as early as 5000 years ago in Greece, clay roofing tile have been used for millennia due to their superior lifespan, weather protection and beauty. In southern California, clay roofing tiles are widely used to top homes, especially those that have an Italian or French countryside style. They are additionally used in hot areas such as Indio to prevent wear in the summer and in areas that are susceptible to fire including inland Los Angeles. Pacific Crest Roofing offers a wide line of clay tile roofing types:
  • Two-Piece Mission Tile: A very traditional interlocking tile refined through fire-baking, the two-piece mission can top most homes in Southern California. It compliments homes with a Spanish or Southern Italian style.
  • Monarch Tile: The monarch style is a thinner interlocking tile with a higher arc. It compliments homes with a French or Northern Italian style, and comes in a wide variety of colors to match the home’s facade.
  • Flat Tile: Flat tile is becoming trendy in the coastal region for it’s old world look and feel. It compliments homes common to Northern France, Switzerland and Austria, and works very well in cooler and coastal weather.
  • Pan Tile: Pan tile is similar to flat tile, however features a beveled edge allowing for design flexibility. It compliments homes with a Roman or Northern Italian style.
Pacific Crest Roofing has a wide variety of flat tile in shapes and colors in addition to a combined 2 decades plus installing roofing. We make sure that the quality of the roof is on par with the quality of the installation. View our materials page for more information, or contact us today for more information on tile roofing for your home.