Composite Tile Roofing

compositeroofingComposite tiles started to be used frequently in the mid 1900’s. These first lines of composite roofing tiles were not of great quality or looks; they were manufactured just to fit the very basic needs of the developer. Today’s composite roofing tiles have changed significantly. Tough, light, and aesthetically as pleasing as even some high-end clay or other luxury tile, composite tiles can be configured to add to the toughness and beauty of your home and require significantly less maintenance in the long run.     Pacific Crest Roofing offers a wide line of composite tile roofing types:
  • Three-Tab Shingle: This shingle is the most common type of composite shingle. A rectangular-shaped shingle, this type of shingle fits on most homes very well, especially on homes in Orange County and coastal regions of Southern California.
  • Cool/Anti-Heat Shingles: These shingles are designed to keep the composite shingles cooler, keeping your overall energy costs down. Very effective in the Indio and Palm Desert areas, where temperatures easily reach over 110 degrees in the summer.
  • S-Type Shingles: These interlocking composite shingles mimic many of the clay-tile roofing shingles. These composite shingles however have a longer lifespan and are generally very low maintenance.
  • Pan Tile: Pan tile is similar to flat tile, however features a beveled edge allowing for design flexibility. It compliments homes with a Roman or Northern Italian style.
Pacific Crest Roofing has a wide variety of flat tile in shapes and colors in addition to a combined 2 decades plus installing roofing. We make sure that the quality of the roof is on par with the quality of the installation. View our materials page for more information, or contact us today for more information on tile roofing for your home.