Wood Shingle Roofing

woodshinglesWood shingles are thin tiles that are prevalent on the Cape-Cod and other North American/Southern European style of home. Giving a warm and cozy look to any home, the wood shingles of today are cut accurately to prevent leaks and other weather-related maladies. Special treatments such as valleys and decorative patterns can be added to give a unique character to each building. Pacific Crest Roofing offers a wide line of wood shingle types:
  • Traditional Rectangular Shingles: A very traditional wood shingle that finds its roots in the Cape Cod style. An excellent choice for rustic or cozy homes based on either Colonial American or Northern European styles.
  • Chiloé Shingles: The Chiloé shingle is a decorative Spanish/South American style shingle. This shingle type fits very well on homes that incorporate a Spanish architecture.
  • Custom Decorative Shingles: Pacific Crest Roofing is able to incorporate a decorative pattern or patterns into any wood roof.
Pacific Crest Roofing has a wide variety of wood tile in shapes and colors in addition to a combined 2 decades plus installing roofing. We make sure that the quality of the roof is on par with the quality of the installation. View our materials page for more information, or contact us today for more information on tile roofing for your home.