Roof Repairs at Nellie Gail Ranch Equine Facility

Common Barn & Stall Roofing Problems

There is an abundance of ranch land in California, particularly east of highway 15. While California ranches embody the free spirit of California, many of these ranches were built before 1950 and require hefty maintenance. The varying degree of materials used for these ranches also pose problems. Some ranches feature stalls with clay tiles, while others have metal/tin rooftops. The material under the roof is critical here; many older barn and stall roofs are not properly insulated and leak frequently.

The Equestrian Center at Nellie Gail Ranch Barns Re-Roofing Project

This Equine Facility is located in Laguna Hills, and was built in the 1970’s. The barns property are made of a simple clay brick. Their roofs were not as similar in construction; the barn featured a clay tile and the stalls a tin roof. Both were installed with the property and sprung leaks this past April. The owner contacted Pacific Crest Roofing to see what his options were.

Pacific Crest Roofing’s Work

Pacific Crest Roofing re-roofed both the horse stalls and the barn in just two weeks. We picked a simple, inexpensive (but durable) clay tile for the barn, and steel sheeting for the horse stalls. Additionally, we added new insulation to the underside of the roof, which prevents leaks and energy loss. We touched up paint and exterior where needed, and the owner (and his horses) is very happy with his new roofs.

Contact a Laguna Hills Roofer

Contact Pacific Crest Roofing if you are interested in re-roofing your ranch, barn or horse stalls. We offer many durable, affordable options and can custom tailor a solution for you.