Laguna Beach Cool-E Reflective Roof

The Laguna Beach Silicon “Cool-E” Roofing Project

Most homes in Southern California feature a sloped roof and call for traditional roofing methods. However, some homes in Southern California feature flat roofs (or sections of flat roofs) in order to accommodate for solar panels or the like. The advantage of a flat roof is the available roofing options. One Laguna Beach home owner wanted to cut down on energy costs during the summer, and contacted Pacific Crest Roofing. Pacific Crest Roofing introduced the owner to Silicone Roofing Material.

What is Cool Roof Silicon Insulation?

Cool Roof is an excellent energy-saving solution for your home or business. Under many circumstances a roof can draw in and retain heat, making your home or business unbearably warm in the summer months and during those heat waves. While air conditioning is an option, the cost of power alone makes it an unattractive option. Cool Roof can be applied to your roof, reflecting over 50% of the sun’s rays and keeping your energy costs down. Cool Roof is available for many roof types.

Pacific Crest Roofing’s Work

Pacific Crest Roofing applied the Cool Roof solution to this owner’s home in just over a week. We first sealed any cracks with a good quality primer, and then applied the Cool Roof solution. Re-roofing with the Cool Roof insulation not only saved this owner hundreds in energy costs, but also improved the value of his home.

Contact a Laguna Beach Roofer

Contact Pacific Crest Roofing if you are interested in re-roofing your home or business with the Cool Roof Insulation. We offer many durable, affordable options and can custom tailor a solution for you.