Laguna Beach Composite Re-Roof

The Laguna Beach Re-Roofing Project

This home in Laguna Beach originally had the older kind of composite roofing tiles, and it showed. There were significant issues including leaks around the skylights and structural damage, and A/C efficiency went down in the summer. The owner mentioned to us that he had to pay significantly more in power costs on a yearly basis for the last five years, and that’s when he realized a new roof was needed.

What are Composite Tiles

Composite tiles started to be used frequently in the mid 1900’s. These first lines of composite roofing tiles were not of great quality or looks; they were manufactured just to fit the very basic needs of the developer. Today’s composite roofing tiles have changed significantly. Tough, light, and aesthetically as pleasing as even some high-end clay or other luxury tile, composite tiles can be configured to add to the toughness and beauty of your home and require significantly less maintenance in the long run. Pacific Crest Roofing offers a wide line of composite tile roofing types.

Pacific Crest Roofing’s Work

Pacific Crest Roofing re-roofed this owner’s home in just over two weeks. We matched the tiles to his current home’s esthetic, touched up paint where needed, and the owner is very happy with his new roof. Re-roofing not only saved this owner hundreds in energy costs, but also improved the value of his home.

Contact a Laguna Beach Composite Roofer

Contact Pacific Crest Roofing if you are interested in re-roofing your home. We offer many durable, affordable options and can custom tailor a solution for you.