Low-E Reflective Insulation Therma Sheet with Asphalt Shingle

The Laguna Beach Re-Roofing Project

This home in Laguna Beach originally had the older kind of composite roofing tiles, and it showed. There were significant issues including leaks and structural damage, and A/C efficiency went down in the summer. The owner mentioned to us that he had to pay significantly more in power costs on a yearly basis for the last five years, and that’s when he realized a new roof was needed. The owner stuck with a composite tile, but wanted a better insulation. Pacific Crest Roofing introduced the owner to the Low-E line of insulation.

What is Low-E Reflective Insulation?

Low-E reflective insulation is insulation that goes underneath the tile. In addition to keeping out rain and precipitation, the its reflective properties also repel heat (up to 97% of radiant energy) much better than standard insulation. Low-E insulation is also 100% American made, and is a high quality product. While Low-E insulation can be used with any roofing material, Pacific Crest Roofing highly recommends its use with composite tiles.

Pacific Crest Roofing’s Work

Pacific Crest Roofing re-roofed this owner’s home in just over a week and a half. The owner chose to use a new energy efficient asphalt shingle with Low-E Reflective Insulation Therma Sheet. Pacific Crest Roofing professional crew installed his new roof in an accomplished manner and is extremely pleased with the result!

Contact a Laguna Beach Roofer

Contact Pacific Crest Roofing if you are interested in re-roofing your home with the Low-E Insulation. We offer many durable, affordable options and can custom tailor a solution for you.