Roofing Repairs

weather While Southern California can have near-perfect weather year-round, your roof can still face damage. Whether the salt and humidity of the Laguna, Newport and other coastal regions, or the hot Santa Ana winds and sun in the Desert areas, Pacific Crest Roofing is never too far away to help quickly fix your roof. We are on site generally within 24hrs if not same day, especially if the damage to your roof or underlying structure is severe. Pacific Crest Roofing is able to correct a wide variety of weather damage:
  • Rain/Leaks: These start out as small incidents, but can quickly grow into something catastrophic. Even the slowest leak can affect the integrity of the whole roof and start black mold production. Pacific Crest Roofing can quickly track down the leak, seal it and dry affected areas, in many cases with minimal construction or tooling required.
  • Major Flood Damage: Flood damage can quickly affect your roof and lead to collapse. Contact Pacific Crest Roofing right away to repair and prevent any heavy flood damage.
  • Sun Damage: While many roofs last for decades, the sun and heat can deteriorate the tiles. This can lead to poor temperature control costing you hundreds if not thousands a year in power costs, and alternatively can lead to rains and leaks which may require significantly more complex repairs to your roof.
Pacific Crest Roofing has a combined 2 decades plus installing roofing, and we make sure that the quality of the roof is on par with the quality of the repair. We care about your roof. Contact us today for more information on select and luxury roofing for your home, or for any roofing questions.